Friday, December 28, 2007

Lightning McQueen R/C

Tyco R/C Cars Lightning McQueen 1:16

Here it comes, the Tyco FULL FUNCTION Remote control car, not the "Turns in Reverse" toy car. This Remote controlled car comes with a two button remote. Make sure you get the right one. This is very fast and fun. Well worth the money.

From the hit Pixar movie, it's the lovable character of CARS, Lightning McQueen with one-touch easy to use controls, speedy grip wheels and authentic movie styling! Requires four AA for the vehicle and two AA batteries for the remote. Batteries not included. Each sold separately, subject to availability.

Buy Remote Control Car: Tyco R/C Cars Lightning McQueen 1:16

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Remote Control Crash Car - RestoreCar

Remote Control RC Crash Car - RestoreCar

The Remote Control Crash car features: full function radio controlled and high speed, crash it- Auto Rebuild, bottom LED lights and Making Emulational Sound, rechargeable battery and charger are included.

Crash car,The harder you crash, the more you smash! This remote control car when hit somethings(like wall), It will crash like the real car accident, and you can use the controller to recover it. High speed, High performance R/C Wow, you have to see this rc crash car. Built to run into walls and other cars it crashes and then fixes itself!!! You can crash this rc car over and over and it will continue to fix itself. The Crash Car comes with a rechargeable battery and charger and is completely ready to play with right out of the box.

Buy Remote Control Car: Remote Control RC Crash Car - RestoreCar

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Cyclone Remote Control Race Car 27 MHz

Cyclone Remote Control Race Car 27 MHz

This full-function remote control car can go 5 ways: forward, backward, left, right and return to straight, has adjustable front wheel alignment. Remote control with LCD. Battery box (uses 8 AA size batteries) which are included.

The Cyclone Radio Controlled Titan offers extreme speed and maximum control for hours of excitement. With fully independent front and rear suspension, and real rubber tires, this radio controlled Titan handles easily on streets and off the beaten track. Fast and fun, and easy to operate, this Titan is ideal for first-time radio control vehicle users who are at least five years old. It's sure to give them endless hours of excitement.

The Cyclone features an aerodynamic design mixed with durability of an off-road dune buggy.

Features fully independent front and rear suspension, and hard rubber tires. View larger.

Handgun-style remote controller with grip-mounted steering wheel offers super-realistic steering control. View larger.

Built for Speed and Rough Terrains

Blending the proven upper-body aerodynamic design qualities of incredibly fast F1 racecars with the rugged undercarriage and suspension system of an off-road dune buggy, the Titan excels both on and off road. Each pneumatic tire sports a unique tubeless rubber design that allows it to rail on smooth, flat surfaces, while at the same time giving it the ability to grip on hard, rough surfaces. Hard rubber tines cover the face of both the front and rear tires, providing the bite and traction necessary to fly on gravel or loose dirt. For the fastest possible speeds, attractive spoilers adorn the car's leading edge, sides, and rear end to help keep the car's tires continually engaged with the ground.

A chrome-plated cockpit window provides ample contrast for the Titan's blend of military-style stickers and accents. A durable push-bar style bumper is mounted in front of the front wheels to protect the car should a head-on crash occur. The handheld remote sports matching decals and accents for a perfectly mated device.

Advanced Off-Road and Remote Features

The Titan's RC handset features a time-tested handgun-style grip with a trigger and steering wheel. A single finger controls the trigger-style forward and reverse throttle, and the steering wheel offers super-realistic steering control with just one hand. A telescoping antenna is also included to enhance the car's remote range while the lightweight design of the handpiece increases user comfort and usability. There's even a red LED battery life indicator.

For youngsters just learning how to control and enjoy the Titan, a switch is located on the underbelly of the car, allowing users to choose between a high or low speed setting. This option gives parents the ability to reduce maximum speeds for children. However, on our test version, it was apparent that for some strange reason (perhaps a mis-print), the label marking the high and low speeds was incorrect; the indicated "high" speed was actually the "low" speed, and vice versa.

Remote Control Car Test Drive

The Cyclone Remote Control Car features an aerodynamic design mixed with durability of an off-road dune buggyAfter only a couple of minutes of testing the Titan on low speed, its nimble maneuvering on hardwood flooring had us quickly changing the speed to the high setting. Thirty minutes quickly flew by with non-stop high-speed turns, powerslides, and one-point turnabouts. The car's traction improved when tested on concrete sidewalks and asphalt parking lots. And even at a distance of 50 feet, the car's ample signal strength offered continual control. We even tested the Titan's front suspension by sending it into a head-on collision with a three-inch curb. The results? The suspension held up, dampening the crash and allowing the car a speedy recovery. The only performance issue we experienced with the Titan was with steep inclines; its low-torque engine is better suited for driving on flat ground, and hills proved to be a challenge. But for a first-time user of RC vehicles, we highly recommend this rough and nimble machine.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ferrari Testarossa Electric RC Car RTR

RC car of
Kyosho Mini-Z Racer MR-02RML Ferrari Testarossa Electric RC Car RTR
With the motor mounted behind the rear axle (Rear Motor Mount), the variable wheelbase settings match a wide choice of body styles. As one of the heaviest parts on the chassis, the position of the motor behind the rear axle makes ideal use of the motors power and the changes in center of gravity to produce improved traction for acceleration and deceleration.
The rear-mounted motor, combined with the sophisticated suspension design, produces precision control.
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Ferrari F40 Electric RC Car RTR

RC car of Kyosho Mini-Z Racer MR-01 Ferrari F40 Electric RC Car RTR
Kyosho Mini-Z Racer MR-01 Ferrari F40 Electric RC Car RTR
The "MINIZ Racer" is not only small and does not only give you a large-scale feeling, but it is also an unprecedented new generation palm-sized racer. It comes with a newly developed receiver with built-in amplifier plus a micro servo, all installed in a 90mm-wheel base chassis. In addition to this, the amplifier is a FET high frequency type that provides high power.
Also, the receiver is 27MHz-narrow band-ready and allows for up to 12 cars to run simultaneously. A long running time of about one hour is also possible with only four AAA alkali batteries. Sleek racing with a 3P suspension 130-class high power motor and differential gears makes it possible to enjoy "Racing Everywhere". In addition to the authentic chassis performance that only KYOSHO can produce, various optional parts allow for further racing improvements. The portability and authenticity of the "MINIZ Racer" will raise the standard of R/C racing car to unprecedented levels.
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

BMW M3 RC Race Car

RC car of BMW M3 1:10 Scale Remote Control RC Race Car
BMW M3 1:10 Scale Remote Control RC Race Car
This 1:8 scale RTR Remote Control BMW M3 Race Car is a high speed car that comes fully loaded with great features like a pistol grip controller, a rechargeable battery, wall charger and a 9V battery. This BMW comes with great detail like glossy exterior paint and rubber tires.
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Porsche 911

RC car of RC HPI Dash RTR 1/10 w/Porsche 911 Body
RC HPI Dash RTR 1/10 w/Porsche 911 Body
The Dash from HPI Racing is a great way to get new people interested in R/C car. From the completely preassembled and prepainted car to the availability of option and replacement parts, the Dash is a simple and inexpensive way to get started in R/C... and hopefully the first step into the exciting world of competitive R/C car racing!
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DieCast Car
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